Prof. Gianfranco Avitabile

Department of Electrical and Information Engineering
Politecnico di Bari - Via Orabona, 4 - 70126 Bari (Italy)
Phone: +39 0805963854
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prof. Avitabile fields of interest are mainly in the field of Telecommunications and high frequency for both civil, military, and space applications covering the aspects regarding both the device, the circuit, and the system level. In these fields of interest, he had a long activity of cooperation with industries and public bodies, at a level of research and consulting. 

Here is a short survey of the grants in which Prof. Avitabile was involved: 

  • Progetto Finalizzato MADESS – CNR (National Bureau of Research)- 1985-87 – Subjetct: dispersive magnetostatic delay line for K band applications and surface acoustic wave resonators (SAWR) design; 
  • ASI (Italian Space Agency) – 1999-2001 grants , research coordinator for a project on active wide band antennae for scatterometry; 
  • EC   ESPRIT SUMIS GammaDat grant : responsible for the Florence unit – 1993 – Subject : microwave integrated circuit , operating in the 5.8 GHz ISM band, design and yield analysis; 
  • EC THERMIE JUPITER grant –1994-96 – Subject: short range microwave link for urban monitoring  and data exchange of public bus fleets; 
  • SMA SpA grant – Responsible for the development of a radiometric head;
  • MICREL Srl grant – Scientific responsible for the development and production of L, S and C band devices 
  • Centro Laser Srcl grant – 1999-2001 – Coordinator of the Bari unit – Subject : development of microwave moisture sensors for painting  monitoring  in museum area; 
  • Texas Instruments grants – 1999-2008 – Scientific responsible and project coordinator for the development of new solutions for Tx path for 3G mobile phones. 
  • PIT 2 grants – 2005 -2006 – Scientific responsible and project coordinator for the support to the deployment of wide band wireless backbone  
  • Eu. C. INTERREG INTRARADAR project- 2006-2008 – Scientific responsible for the validation of Ka Band RADAR application in maritime environment 
  • OPTEL Scrl grant – 2007-2010 – Scientific responsible for the design of compact receivers for RADAR applications 
  • SELEX Galileo grant – 2008-2009 – Scientific responsible for the  MMIC design for SDR applications  
  • National project PON-R&C 01 – 2010 -2014 -ERMES research coordinator and responsible for the Politecnico di Bari unit for the development of remote monitoring sensors for environment protection and fire risk management. 
  • Regional project POR Research & Competitiveness – 2012-2014 – Technical coordinator of MIND project : sensors and systems for demining in wet and marine environments 
  • OPTEL scrl grant – 2012-2013 – Design and modelling of packaged MEMS circuits and devices. 
  • National project ‘Start-up’- 2014-2016 – INVISYBLE - Research coordinator and scientific responsible for a multi-sensor unit operating at RF in a WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) for pollutant detection in harbour areas 
  • Regional Project ‘Cluster Regionale Regione Puglia’ – 2015 -2017 – Research coordinator and scientific responsible  for the design and implementation of multi-sensor units for water quality evaluation in  Wastewater treatment 
  • Regional Project ‘INNOLABS’ – 2017 – 2020  - Research coordinator and scientific responsible  for the design and implementation of a automatic pill dispenser 


His main research interests are:

  • Microwave and millimetre wave circuit design, both in integrated or hybrid technology; 
  • Telecommunication system design; 
  • High frequency devices, circuits and systems; 
  • Microwave antennae and sensors.