Antonello Florio

Department of Electrical and Information Engineering
Politecnico di Bari - Via Orabona, 4 - 70126 Bari (Italy)
Phone: +39 0805963854
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Antonello Florio was born in Bari in 1995. On November 2017 he received the BSc in Computer and Automation Engineering with honors from Politecnico di Bari (specialized in Informative Systems). On October 2019 he received the MSc in Telecommunications Engineering with honors from Politecnico di Bari. During his Master's degree, he took part to a Double Degree program with University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis where he achieved the Master de Recherche in Ubiquitous networking and computing (Ubinet). He also collaborated with the DIANA team at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis for his projet de fin d'étude (PFE) entitled "Beamforming for LoRa Low Power Wide Area Network". He's currently a Ph.D. student at Electronics for Telecommunications laboratory. Since January 2023 he serves as Visiting Expert in the Radio Frequency Systems Division, Electrical Department (TEC-ESG) of the ESTEC research center of the European Space Agency (ESA).

His main research interests are:

  • Phased antenna arrays
  • Theories and techniques for Localization
  • Green Wireless Sensor Networks

PhD investigation topicAnalysis and development of power consumption optimization techniques for the Rx-Tx section of future mobile devices

Editorial Activities:

  • Track co-Chair - "Digital Circuits and Systems IV" - The 2020 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems (APCCAS2020)
  • Program Committee Member - 11th World Congress on Information and Communication Technologies (WICT 2021)
  • Program Committee Member - 12th World Congress on Information and Communication Technologies (WICT 2022)
  • Guest Editor of the Special Issue "Theory and Techniques for the Deployment of Future Wireless Sensor Networks in 5G and beyond" - MDPI Sensors (submit)
  • [NEW] Guest Editor of the Special Issue "Biomedical Applications of Information Technology: History, Trends and Future Challenges" - MDPI Bioengineering (submit)
  • [NEW] Organizer of the Special Session "Electronic and Radiation Systems for IoMT" - International Symposium on Advances in RFID Technology and Electromagnetics for IoT (8th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies - SpliTech2023) (submit)


  • Team Leader of the Neapolis Innovation Summer Campus (NISC 2021) winning team with the project "NISCAPE: escaping NISC 2021", a 2-boards escape-room play&control system based on STM32 Nucleo microcontrollers and IR communication (visit our repository).
  • Cadence Best Paper Award @ 2021 IEEE 18th International Conference on SoC (ISOCC 2021) with "A Linear Array Mutual Coupling Compensation Technique for Angle of Arrival Estimation" by A.Florio and G. Avitabile.
  • Finalist of the Huawei Italy University Challenge 2021 with the project "A Full-Hardware Approach to AoA Estimation for the Green WSNs of the future". 


  • Teaching assistant for the Electronics for Telecommunication course (MSc in TLC eng.)
  • Teaching assistant for the Digital Programmable Systems course (MSc in Computer and Automation eng.)
  • Co-supervision of:
    • Alessio Di Chiaro (2019/20), "Design of a Ku-band receiver for IoRT applications" (MSc in Electronics eng.)
    • Pasquale Latorraca (2020/21), "Direct sampling 3D localization system based on TDoA estimation of OFDM signal" (MSc in Electronics eng.)
    • Roberto Cancelli (2021/22), "Design and implementation of an active transponder operating in the X-band for satellite SAR applications" (MSc in Electronics eng.)

Office Hours (for students):

  • Wed 18.30-19.00  --  Fri 17:30-18.30 [SUSPENDED from Mar 20th to Apr 11th]
  • From Jan 9th to Apr 17st in presence meetings are cancelled.
  • It is possible to fix an appointment via e-mail, MS Teams or MS Bookings (experimental)