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Electronics for Telecommunications Lab (ETLCLab) is a research and didactic laboratory of Politecnico di Bari that is focused on the studying, design and deployment of innovative electronic systems for telecommunications operating at high frequencies. Main research fields deals with Internet of Things (IoT), indoor and outdoor positioning systems and smart-health

Along the years, our group developed agreements with the most important electronics and telecommunications industries, like Texas Instruments Europe. Also, the ETLC group partecipated national and international research projects.

With his test benches, CAD tools and measurement instruments, ETLCLab has the possibility of developing the most interesting and innovative approaches to research problems resolution in the fields of high frequency electronics.

The ETLCLab is also active on teaching, bringing the new solutions coming from research to engineering students, who will become the engineers of tomorrow.

Team leader: Prof. Gianfranco Avitabile